1. Service 1

The proposed telemedical service is designed to classify severe disorders of the cardiovascular which may lead to a sudden cardiac death. Among detectable diagnoses are atrial fibrillation, supraventricular arrhythmia, malignant ventricular ectopias as well as normal sinus rhythm.

The service also allows to work with digitized electrocardiograms recorded in various formats. The metric accuracy is 99.8%. The timing is no longer than 3 seconds. A clinical judgement is given at the output.

Only WFDB (Wave Form Data Base) ECG recordings can be loaded.

One ECG record contains at least two ".dat" and ".hea" files. One ECG record can consist of up to eight files

Values in the range 0.9 - 1 indicate that the file belongs to the corresponding diagnosis.

Values ranging from zero to 0.89 indicate that the file does not match the corresponding diagnosis.

2. Service 2

The proposed service is intended to identify the facts of erroneous electrode placement.

The following situations can be identified:

1. Thoracic electrodes C1 — C6 are 2 intercostal spaces above the standard scheme
2. Thoracic electrodes C1 — C6 are 2 intercostal spaces below the standard scheme

Chest leads
3. Swapped C1 — C2
4. Swapped C5 — C6
5.Electrodes C4+C5+C6 are very close to each other (touching)
6. Electrodes C4+C5+C6 are located on the intercostal space (not horizontal line, but curve upwards)
7. All electrodes are in a straight line from C1 to C6 (V1 — V6)

Electrode transposition:
Standard leads
8. Swapped — Right hand (Red) with Left hand (Yellow)
9. Swapped — Left arm (Yellow) with Left leg (Green)

Files to download (requirement for input files)
Files must be «.edf» format. Digitized data are used as initial data. electrocardiograms in the European data File (EDF) format with a frequency sampling 500 Hz.
«.edf» file containing 12-lead ECG recordings: I, II, III, AvR, AvL, AvF, V1-V6 (C1-C6)